Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Deadline for Chesapeake TechBridge Program and Showcases Nov6th

The Chesapeake Innovation Center, CIC, is currently conducting an active search for one of our Agency and Prime Contractor Partners.  A select group of companies will get a unique opportunity to provide an in-depth company overview presentation and demo  of their product and solutions to key senior staff at one of the Agencies and Major Primes (Northrop Grumman, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, ARINC, Alion, and others)  at the CIC TechBridge Showcase.  Slots are limited for the presenting companies.  Please urge your companies to apply today!

We are seeking to identify companies with developed and real technologies that are considered to be newest and/or  greatest that are revolutionary – faster, lighter, cheaper, less bandwidth, etc…  (please refer below for a list of targeted technology areas).  We are looking for companies that have clear AND significant advantage over their competitors. 

TechBridge Program and Showcases:GET nOTICED gROW fASTER

Target Technology Areas

  • · Secure wireless multimedia
  • · Advanced wireless security
  • · WiMAX
  • · Converging wireless and internet
  • · Cyber security and defense
  • · Collect/process/analyze voluminous data
  • · Self organizing networks
  • · Power, space, cooling  - IT
  • · Data security
  • · Distributed systems
  • · Airport Technologies
  • · Sensor Technologies
  • · Cloud Computing
  • · Embedded Systems
  • · Homeland Security
  • o Border Security
  • o First Responder Technologies
  • o Transportation Security
  • ·Communication Interoperability Technologies
  • · Chemical Detection Technologies

TechBridge Showcase Date · November 18, 2009

- Deadline for application is November 6th.  Very Few slots available.

· Next TechBridge Showcase will be held in February 2010.

Benefits to the Participating Companies

  • · Amazing opportunity to highlight themselves to the their potential customers and partners in the intelligence and government market
  • · Market Feedback – we solicit the feedback from the System Integrators  and Government Agencies and provide it back to the participating companies
  • · Potential business opportunities
  • · One-on-one coaching and preparations for their showcase

Fees for participating Companies


Discount: If the applicant companies mention your name in the “how did you hear about us?” box on the application (https://www.cic-network.org/techBridge/techbridge.html), they will receive a $25 discount.

To Apply:

We are currently reviewing companies and the deadline for submissions is November 6, 2009. Please feel free to forward this to any companies you see fit.   They can also submit an application at https://www.cic-network.org/techBridge/techbridge.html.  Or…Please have the companies send me an e-mail with their product sheets and/or whitepapers by the deadline.

The companies that pass the screening test, will have a chance to present their technology to this Agency and other major Prime System Integrators at the CIC TechBridge Showcase to be held on the date mentioned above.  This is an invitation only event and will be closed to the public. 

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