Thursday, November 19, 2009

A DM is better than calling me ? Communication tools that help you stay connected

A DM is a direct message on Twitter. To send a DM you type d followed by a space and the Twitterid of the person example : d shashib stop stealing the doughnuts :)

Have you ever experienced the panic that hits you when you look at your phone and there is no signal. You are now disconnected from the world and all alone by yourself. For some strange reason this happens to me specially in hotels.

Don’t panic help is on the way. You will still be able to communicate with me :

a) If there is wi-fi you can be sure I am connected ( specially if wi-fi is free)

b) If there is wi-fi I probably have Skype on so you can call me “shashibonskype”

c) I check Twitter and so I can get your tweets and DMs

Now if you have wi-fi you can pretty much reach me by email too but then its sounds like so yesterday :)

On a recent trip to Poptech Michelle Riggin of Batch Blue gave me a tip to use web video conferencing to keep in touch with the kids who are thrilled to see parents even if on a computer screen. I need to find a deal this Black Friday to buy a nice web cam.

What are your tips when the cell phone is not accessible?

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