Sunday, February 21, 2010

TWESTIVAL San Francisco 2010 - Support @krystyl

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All my friends in San Francisco please support @krystyl in her team's efforts to raise money for a good cause using Twestivals Details here

From the organizers:
Twestival is a globally held event brought together by the twitter community to raise money for charity.In February 2009, over 200 + cities worldwide raised $250,000 for Charity Water during Twestival. Making it possible to drink approximately 17 wells in 3rd world countries.

In September 2009, San Francisco chose as their charity to donate to, and raised $6,000 to help raise money for children with cleft lips in 3rd world countries.

San Francisco's goal is to help bring awareness to ConcernWorldWide (@concern) on March 25, 2009. Helping educate children who are in need, helping educate teachers, and build schools where needed.

Joining us for a special performance will be @Stroke9!

Sponsors include but not limited to: Paypal, LIVE105, Tap11, Eye-Fi, PopChips, and more! Full Details of our event can be seen at

If you have any questions please email us at Follow @twestivalsf on Twitter or reach out to @krystyl (SF Coordinator) directly.

Thanks to Amiando and PayPal who have waived all of their fees for event registration to ensure 100% of the amount raised goes directly to Concern Worldwide.

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