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Social media is a valid way to build a business - @shama The Zen of Social Media Marketing

A few months ago during SXSW I had the previlege of attending a book launch party of Shama Hyder Kabani ’s new book The Zen of Social Media Marketing. I knew @shama on Twitter and we met IRL for thr first time at SXSW 2008.

I am proud of being a friend of Shama who is in the BusinessWeek’s North America’s Top 25 Under 25 entrepreneurs for 2009. Her book is getting a lot of rave reviews.

My friend and colleague Steve Fisher reviewed the book in a GrowSmartBusiness Post.:

There is Much to Learn and This Book Delivers

As you move through the book you will notice many real life examples and case studies from real small businesses who have seen what works and what doesn’t. That approach makes a book real. Not a lecturing diatribe like some other social media books out there nor a 50,000 fly over of major sections with the usual toolbox suspects (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Digg). What I really like the most and what I think you will get out of this is that using social media is one part toolkit and two parts conversation/community. It is very clear that not everything will work for you and that you must find your own social media voice to create a solution that is successful for your small business. You will fail but I have saying “if you haven’t failed then really haven’t tried hard enough”.

Pam Slim another friend and author of  the great book for entrepreneurs ” Escape from Cubicle Nation”  (From Corporate Prisoner to Thriving Entrepreneur) wrote on her blog “It is a very pragmatic and useful book, intended for smart people who don’t yet “get” how social media is a valid way to build a business.” and here is Pam Slim’s Interview with Shama :

The Zen of Social Media Marketing with Shama Kabani from Pamela Slim on Vimeo

Add this book to your reading list. Congrats ! and good luck Shama.

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