Monday, June 28, 2010

Google tells you when to wake up and sleep


The title is not entirely accurate. What Google has introduced is a way for you to get the times of sunset and sunrise wherever you live.

I am at the moment in Hazleton PA and my query told me that sunrise tomorrow (June 29th 2010 ) is at 5.34 a.m and that was 6 hours and 6 minutes away ( Time to sleep I think) I found this announcement on the Google forum and in course of my research also discovered that Google has a Facebook page with over 1.6 Million fans ( “Likers” ) This will be useful for people who rise with the sun and for those who practice

Sarah the Google employee in the Google Web Search forum also said “Another fun one to try out is [sunset atqasuk alaska], where the next sunset won't be for 37 more days." When I tried that today the sun will not set their for another 31 days – cool !


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