Saturday, July 31, 2010

Coworking for the Bio-Curious by Emergent Research @smallbizlabs

The criteria for the co-working study by my friend Steve King of Emergent Research is :

1. the facility self-identifies as providing coworking space or language very close to this;

2. it offers a range of membership options (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) and facilities consistent with traditional coworking spaces;

3. it offers some form of community space and/or activities that encourage community;

4. coworking appears to be a important part of the facility offering;

5. the facility is actively in use.

I increasing hear of more people using coworking spaces .Do you ?

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We laughingly use "non-traditional" and "traditional" because the coworking movement has only been around for 5-6 years.  But the concepts - shared space, targeted at independent workers and small businesses, an emphasis on community and networking - are being picked up in a variety of fields and shared facilities.

One of the more interesting things we've found during our current coworking study is the growing number  of "non-traditional" coworking spaces. 


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