Friday, July 23, 2010

India Reveals Linux-Based $35 Tablet

This Fast Company article is a bit snarky. In retrospect I should have amplified a more thorough analysis from the Wall Street Journal ( ).

Seems like the project was spearheaded by the "National Mission for Education" most likely similar to the STEM program. The device cost will be as much as a common cell phone.

I think taking a potshot at OLPC ( who ever did that) was wrong. The goals are the same.

This paragraph from Fast company was a cheap shot

"Either the project has been made using materials sourced cheaper than anyone else can from Chinese suppliers. Or they're using old components, which means to quote Kit, "the thing would perform like a bitch." Or maybe they're making the components themselves from the carapaces of dung beetles and discarded bindis." ( see typo too)

If they can pull it off I predict that streetside vendors will be doing their accounting online using cloud computing and citywide wifi signals.

Amplify’d from

The happy man you see above is not the nine gazillionth owner of an iPad, but the Indian minister for HR Development, Kapil Sibal. What he's holding in his hand is, he claims, a $35 tablet that will give the OLPC a run for its money. It is, he told the press, "our answer to MIT's $100 computer." Developed by students and professors at India's tech universities--including the IITs of Madras and Bombay.


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