Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Saying hello to my 500 Million Fellow Facebook users

It seems like just yesterday to me that I received my first invite to Facebook. I had heard that Facebook was now open to all and had joined to setup a quick profile and then did not do anything about it ( atleast as i remember it). What got me to become active was a email from a cousin who used the Facebook friend finder to send me yet another invite. This promoted me to take a look.

Takeaway : Your users are going to be the evangelists to expand your users. Take care of them first

As I saw this announcement my first thought was about having to replace the number in my speaking slides where I talk abotu the population fo Facebook making it the 3rd largest (it it were) country by population after India and China.

I am happy that one social network is gaining in popularity and as long as they have the users’ interests at heart and make it convenient and efficient to maintain and grow human connections I wish them the best.

Along with Mark Zuckerberg’s message below also check the cool photo gallery of Thanks from Facebook Employees. 

Hello my 500 Million co-users of Facebook. Are we connected on Facebook?

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