Friday, July 16, 2010

Social Networking where you least expect it : Meet-up at the Canyon Overlook Trail Western Maryland

Rocky Gap State Park Western MarylandRocky Gap State Park Western Maryland
Last week I was at the Rocky Gap Lodge and Golf Resort at  Rocky Gap State Park on a family vacation. On Thursday 8th July 2010 walked with my dad and my son to Canyon Overlook Trail at the Rocky Gap State Park.
As we reached the overlook we found a group of very friendly professional photographers from the Western Maryland Photographers Association (WMPA)  who were having a meet-up at this beautiful spot. They are all experts and share the passion for photography. They are on FaceBook and this was part of a regular Thursday meet-up. I was so thrilled to meet this group and “liked” their page. No the group is not on Twitter. The Facebook page is a great example of a local niche community.
Some great pictures from the members
Marica Warnick
Jim R :!/photo.php?pid=4534035&id=96797779471
World Wide Photo Walk July 24th. ; If you want to join this World Wide photo walk July 24th in Cumberland, MD  here is the link to details: ( Its about 2 hours from DC and could be a nice family trip )
Images from the last year photo walk in Cumberland Maryland


Anonymous said...

I just read your very nice post on meeting up with some members of the Western Maryland Photographers Association while you were vacationing at Rocky Gap Lodge and Golf Resort.

I was not among those whom you met but as a member I just wanted to thank you for the mention of WMPA on your blog.

In addition I wanted to also thank you for including the links to the photos that Marcia and Jim took while on that outing along with links to the photos that were taken by Bill Merlavage and myself at last years World Wide Photo walk. It was very kind of you to have done so.

Thank you,

Glenn C. Riffey

Riff's Photography Journal

Marcia said...

Ditto what Glenn said. I was one of those members you met and want to thank you for your very nice mention as well as the links to our work.

The next time you are in Western MD, please don't hesitate contacting us and joining us for a shoot. Most of us aren't professionals, but people with a passion for photography.

Thanks again,
Marcia Warnick

Unknown said...

Sorry I missed you...I wasn't on that shoot.
If you're in town the day of the Photo Walk, please join us.


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