Monday, August 23, 2010

Customer Service in a Online world - Interview with @barrymoltz in #wbj

It was great to interview Barry Moltz for my first post to the Washington Biz Journal's BizBeat, Barry is always very practical in his advice and his books - Bounce and Bust a Myth are a must read. He is a entrepreneur himself and I am looking forward to meeting him at the Second GrowSmartBiz conference on Nov 4th.

Barry Moltz : It has become a 24/7 connected world. 1) The world is your competition. With no geographic boundaries, almost every product or service has become a commodity. Your only sustainable competitive advantage is customer loyalty through great service. If I can get what you are trying to sell me anywhere, why should I put up with bad service? 2) With self-service kiosks and websites, companies can now personalize the customer experience. Every company can now call you by name, remember what you purchased and recommend what you like. This expectation does not get lower anywhere we surf on the Internet, each time we call your company or walk into your brick and mortar locations. 3) Your company’s biggest fear was that a disgruntled customer would tell seven people. A dissatisfied customer can now tell 7 million people!


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