Friday, August 27, 2010

McIntel-Intel buys McAfee : What does this mean for small businesses? By @bellmit

The blog says - "With this deal, Intel has made security a top priority and has sent our the message that security is more important than ever"

And asks the question"So what are your opinions on the deal and what does this mean for small businesses and consumers?"

Hope you will wiegh in not only because this was written by my daughter :)

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What does this mean for us consumers? Apparently Intel has indicated that the impact of the purchase won’t be felt until 2020. Why? Well Intel is most likely planning on putting McAfee’s software on it’s chips. This would better protect cell phones, tablets, e-readers other mobile devices that can connect to the internet. That would make it easier to protect user’s personal data, on those devices where security products can’t be installed easily.


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