Thursday, September 09, 2010

Amtrak needs to be social both incoming & outgoing @conversationage

I hope Amtrak makes use of this advice from Valeria Maltoni and makes the changes to get into modern day passenger communications.

I submitted feedback a few months ago and got a auto-response and nothing else so the traditional means of communication are not two way either.

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Since March 2, 2010, the company's Twitter stream has sent out 200 tweets. Exclamation marks are employed liberally to emphasize promotions and reinforce positive comments from customers. The few @ replies I see are something like "glad you enjoyed the trip!"

What happens when you didn't enjoy? My hunch says not much. What can Will learn from his colleagues at top customer service accounts on Twitter? The Amtrak Facebook wall is a little better, in case you were wondering. They get back to you on occasion with a link to a feedback form.

The Twitter account seems to have auto-follow enabled. When I followed the account, it followed me back -- there I was, part of a collection. I can just see that report -- we now have 3,843 followers!

"The realtime Web is fast, fluid, torrential, and borderless. Fast means you view the world as always fresh. Fluid means updates come in many droplets more than a few buckets. Torrential because the volume of updates is overwhelming without filters an gatekeepers. Realtime Web changes how the Web feels. More immediate, interpersonal, complete. And human." [Phil Wolff]


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