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Is Your Social Media Marketing Strategy A Ticking Time Bomb? @socialmatchbox blog

This post on the Social MatchBox blog is probably intended to provoke thoughts. From the little that I know about millenials , they are not taking to Twitter and maybe leaving Facebook as their parents and grandparents start to flood these social networks.

What do you think? Is Robert Neelbauer drinking too much coffee ? Go and comment on his site.

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As an entrepreneur who has been using both Facebook and Twitter for some time I have to admit that the kind of engagement that happened when I first started using both services has faded dramatically.  There is so much noise and so little direct interaction on Twitter that it is difficult to warrant spending much time on the service.  The end result is that I just log in occasionally to check it.  Facebook is the same way.  I should also point out that the results that I am getting from targeted ads on Facebook are headed south quickly.  Despite this, the bid prices that are required to get a result on Facebook are steadily rising.  Perhaps both Twitter and Facebook are so crowded with people marketing their businesses and products to consumers and other businesses that we’re all just tuning out.

So what are the young tech influencers and early adopters doing if they are not on Twitter and Facebook.  This is a tough question.  To begin with, the mobile device and mobile app markets have created so much platform and application diversity that we’re all over the place.  It doesn’t matter what you are doing, there is an app for it.  To make matters worse there are more social media experts than ever.  Even NPR’s Kojo Nnamdi Show has the bug.  Their Tech Tuesday broadcast sounds very much like an cross between an Apple product promotional show and a social media flavor of the week discussion.  Not that this is bad – it is not bad at all.  In fact, it is great that NPR has programming for the tech set.



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