Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Role of Spouses in Small Business

This time for the Small Business Success index 4 we wanted to explore the relationship between spouses getting involved in the business or not and it seems that once the business becomes successful having a spouse helping out makes the business competitive.

Are you a couple doing business together or do you know of a couple working together in their small business? What is your story ? Please comment here. Maybe we can use you as a case study ?

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 How do results differ when the owner is a man or a woman? For the 68 businesses where both owner and spouse work full-time, husbands tend to take care of technology matters (47 percent), wives attend to accounting and finance (45 percent) and both handle customer service (44 percent).  For the 109 companies where a spouse works either part-time or full-time, the break-down is similar: Fifty-three percent of husbands handle technology and 39 percent of wives are responsible for accounting and finance. The big difference: Only 33 percent share customer service.

The participation of a spouse doesn’t make much of a difference to business success during the startup phase. But after the company is up and running, it’s a different story. Companies that have spouses/significant others in a full-time role in the business are either highly or marginally competitive (54 percent) compared to firms where the spouse plays no role (46 percent) or acts as a silent partner (41 percent).  

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