Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fareed Zakaria's American Dream @time

I was reading this article and the words " Growing up in India in the 1970's" felt very close. I remember the 70's in India - The soap "Dallas" transfixed the imagination. Magnum PI, Knightrider were the Tv serials I remember.

Since I had a career in the hotel industry I met a lot of Americans. Even one who said that Indian professionals in the Us should come back and help their country. I guess in some way his wish is being fulfilled.

This is a nice article by Fareed Zakaria and a must read. if only everyone agreed on what he is suggesting and we could get back to regular programming and enjoying our lives

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The American dream for me, growing up in India in the 1970s, looked something like the opening credits of Dallas. The blockbuster TV series began with a kaleidoscope of big, brassy, sexy images — tracts of open land, shiny skyscrapers, fancy cars, cowboy businessmen and the very dreamy Victoria Principal. We watched bootlegged copies of the show, passed around on old Betamax cassettes. America (certainly the CBS soap-opera version of America) seemed dazzling and larger than life, especially set against the stagnant backdrop of India in the 1970s. Everyone I knew was fascinated by the U.S., whether they admitted it or not. Politicians who denounced the country by day would go home in the evenings and plot to send their kids to college in "the States."Read more at

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