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7 yr old member of the Obama delegation to India

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Dozens of American business leaders mingled with Indian business executives over finger sandwiches at Mumbai's U.S.-India Business Council summit, where President Obama spoke on Saturday night. But the star of the morning was Arya Ika, a 7-year-old Indian American in a sharp business suit and red tie, who hopes to one day become the president of the United States as the "Indian Obama."

Or at least that's what Krishna Ika, Arya's father and an Indian American business leader here for the summit, wants for his son. They live in Southborough, Mass., and Arya, studies at the same private school that John F. Kennedy attended.

Holding court like a rock star, Arya fielded questions in the ocean-front lobby of the Hotel Trident. American business leaders cooed over his smart attire, his circular glasses and his distinction as the youngest delegate at the summit.

"Do you want to be the next president of the United States?" one American asked. "What will you ask Obama?" Many Indian American leaders jumped in speaking about how much hope Obama has given to many Americans who come from immigrant backgrounds.

But Arya shrugged and said he wanted to maybe take a nap, watch some cartoons.

"He will go to Harvard Law, just like Obama, right?" his father urged as Arya shook his head yes. "That's the nice thing about Indian parents, we still have sway over our children. He will remember this summit."



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