Friday, November 26, 2010

Millennials believe they can change the world for a better future

This is a new United Nations initiative which is so exciting . The article is a must read.

The Academic Impact, formally launched Nov. 19, encourages schools and universities to endorse 10 principles that deal with human rights, sustainability, conflict resolution and literacy. The 10 principles represent a commitment to education’s role in advancing human rights, world citizenship, and inter-cultural dialogue and understanding.

Why is the Academic Impact initiative so important to the future of the world?

With increasing globalization, finances flow freely across continents as do goods, services and ideas. Unfortunately, so do the major problems facing humanity, such as terrorism, pandemic diseases, economic crises and environmental calamities. They all cross national borders with impunity, never stopping at passport control.

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Their optimism and hope for the future are propelling political causes; their distrust of a corporate world, motivated by greed, promises to change business as we know it; and their commitment to technology and service can transform society for the greater good of all.

By J. Michael Adams
A breath of new hope is blowing across the globe. It is the millennial generation, those young people — 78 million in the United States alone — born between 1985 and 2000 who define themselves by the social commitment and technological savvy that unite them worldwide.

They believe in a better future. They believe the world needs to change. More important, they believe the world can be changed and they want to be part of that transformation. They have the talent, the enthusiasm and the energy. All they need is the education and the opportunity.


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