Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rockmelt : Browser riding on Facebook's popularity

A new browser Rockmelt was introduced about a week ago with the promise to help people with the tasks that they spend the most time on. In their own words 'build your world right into your browser" from the Rockmelt Blog

The October 2010 Stats from put the browser usage as :

Internet Explorer 29.7 % Firefox 44.1% Chrome 19.2% Safari 3.9% and Opera 2.2%

I was excited when Google Chrome came out and one thing that is positive for me is that Rockmelt is also based on Chromium, the open source project behind Google’s Chrome browser. I must thank my Friend Wendy Scherer of the Consumer Insights group - Social Studies Group

Just like Google relies on your Google account to make your Chrome browsers in Sync, Rockmelt asks for facebook login (they need to explain why thats is the first step). When you are installing Rockmelt you will need to close Chrome. Here are some observations.

  • Bookmarkbar from chrome should be transferred seemlessly

  • A little difficulty finding the stream for Twitter? Rockmelt does not have a Dm stream yet and i got the answer driectly from Eric Vishria, CEO & Co-founder of RockMelt at That was impressive.

  • I am not sure if there a feature to do a Twitter search

  • Rockmelt only crashed once not sure why ( I was checking twitter).

  • I wish all the Chrome extensions get imported as well

  • You can only et an invite if you request it from Facebook. As soon as you get the invites, it tells you which other Facebook friends have requested an invite ( that is very cool)

  • I can share directly from the browser and I need ability to share both on Twitter and Facebook at once. Right now I have to do it 2 times.

  • I also hope they can detect the feed when I put a URL into the edge ( Their term for a Window.

My daughter Mitali Bellamkonda inspired me to write this post after she wrote a post

on the Kikscore blog. Rockmelt is still in beta and I expect they will be adding more features.

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