On the air with Deborah Shane Blog Talk Radio : Great Holiday Gift - discussed small business tips

Listen to internet radio with Deborah Shane on Blog Talk Radio

Time passed  very fast in the 30 minute interview with Deborah Shane  on BlogTalkRadio. I was honored and enjoyed the conversation with her on social media small business, communication. here are some tips I gave on the show.

Tips for Social Marketing Success in 2011
  • -          Setup a alert for your name, business and product on Google alerts
  • -          Search for yourself and update the profiles you find in your search results
  • -          Start a Facebook  Page for your business, we have a Tis season for Social Faceboo k educational campaign on our blog
  • -          I hope you have a website – According to several studies including Network Solutions’ Small Business Success Index with University of Maryland 50% of small business do not have a website and are eager to setup one. You can use Wordpress and have pages and a blog
  • -          Follow 2 to 3 blogs in your profession and comment on them. Linkedin in Answers, Focus.com  and Quora and maybe even Facebook Answers ( social Q & A)


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