Sunday, December 05, 2010

Weekend read : The Dangers of Cynicism at the Office @nyt interview with CEO of Lockerz

Just to give you a teaser as to how true some of what Kathy Savitt says very candidly :

A good example is when a team member has a great idea or has a big issue with a customer experience and no one responds, no one even acknowledges it, no one gets back to them. The idea festers, problems continue to mount, no one listens. How does that person not become cynical? That’s a recipe for cynicism. So you can’t just say, don’t be cynical..

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A. Guts is one of them. We talk about having the courage to actually work through failure, the courage to work through tough customer feedback, the courage to confront brutal facts in your business and the courage to change them.

Another one is respect. That notion of respect in business, I think sometimes gets lost. And wit. We laugh a lot. No one takes themselves too seriously at Lockerz. Results — what we call effective innovation. A lot of companies talk about innovation. We talk about innovation that actually drives a top-line or a bottom-line result.

And the final one is optimism. I think it’s easy for people at many companies to become cynical, which then leads to politics, which can create a cancer that can topple even the greatest companies. And I do think cynicism is that first cell, so to speak, that can metastasize within an organization.


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