Sunday, January 09, 2011

My Cooliris Holiday Story

In 2010 I have done my share of conferences and I always look for SWAG to take back to the kids. Beach balls are a hot favorite and then this summer while on a visit to the Rocky Gap State Park in Maryland the beach ball ( Swag from Cooliris) floated away from the Beach" and floated across the lake to end up at the dam. The next day when we went for a trek across the lake we took this picture but never realized that the ball was in the picture till my friend who ran the trail told us about it.

My son as very disappointed and never wants to visit the Rocky Gap State Park and I tweeted this and was surprised to get a response from Cooliris  who sent me a "Cooliris beach ball  again. Needless to say my son never wants it our of his sight when we take it on trips.

Did you know Cooliris powers a lot of image displays on smart phones specially android and has olug-ins for browers so you can see the pictures as you want them displayed even if the site does not offer that option. As I am writing this post I can see the have the photos from Clemson Women's Basketball vs. Georgia Tech. Also see pictures from CES

This company did not have to even reply to my tweet but they took the trouble to make little boy happy. They definitely have the personal touch that is needed with more online companies.

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Mel said...

Wow! That is impressive! How many companies are that amazing. I bet your son was thrilled too!

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