Sunday, February 20, 2011

For a Cup of Coffee Knowledge Was Gained : Meeting @Nutzareus

Patch meetup at Chloes Coffee KentlandsIt was a day of coincidences, getting up this morning and looking uo my twitter stream to see Jillian Badanes (@NPotomacPatch) tweet "Don't forget to join us for a free cup of coffee at Chloe's Coffee today from 7 a.m. until noon:"

I love all things local and was honored to featured on the North Potomac Patch Meet your neighbor interview  and got me thinking about how to attend this local meetup. The decision was made when my friend Ching-Yao Yu @nutzareus said he would be there if I was going. We have conflicting work schedules and this was a great opportunity to catch-up.  He is the podcast host at and carries Foursquare ambassador cards which he hands out to businesses and answers any questions they have about FourSquare. He is also organizing the Montgomery County Foursquare Day April 16th 2011 and wants to collaborate with local food banks and local fire departments to .make the event drive a charity effort. These activities have nothing to do with his day job and he is also in the army reserve.

Ching-Yao is that kind of a guy always thinking about doing good. I think I met him offline first at DC 's Twestival ( reminder this year's DC Twestival is on March 24th) last year and enjoyed his tweets helping me answer questions specially about cell phones and operating systems ( See photo above and tell me how many phones he carries?) He was deployed for a year in the US Army Operation Iraqi Freedom and narrated some of his experiences which was very engrossing for me. I enjoyed talking to him and felt the time pass away too fast and look forward to meeting him more often. 

The "Free Coffee Day With Patch" was a nice event to come to a local business and meet friends. I enjoyed meeting the patch team.Douglas Tillman, Jill Yager and Jillian Badanes of
Patch meetup at Chloes Coffee Kentlands

  • Chloe's coffee is a nice friendly neighborhood coffee shop located at 244 Main St, North Potomac, MD 20878 in Kentlands.
  • Website:
  • Phone: 301-355-7284
  • Email:
I hope you are reading your local neighborhood Patch.  My location is so unique that I read these patch editions:

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