Thursday, February 10, 2011

This webinar is totally wrong : Facebook Page Marketing with Q & A

Ok the headline was meant to attract your attention to this HubSpot

Live Webinar: Facebook Page Marketing with Q & A on Feb 15th at 1 p.m ET. Language is changing so much that when I say this webinar is totally wrong, I mean this is so right witrh some awesome panelists. This panel has some awesome folks who have rolled up their sleeves to enable businesses to understand and use new media tools and platforms.

Date/Time: Tue, Feb. 15 at 1pm ET (local time)
Presenters: Justin Kistner of Webtrends, Justin Levy of Citrix, Jason Keath of Social Fresh and Ellie Mirman of HubSpot

  • I met Justin Kistner at the Wappow Search and Social Woot conference last year where he did a awesome presentation on Facebook Marketing and insights .
  • Jason Keath has been a friend since 2008 when I first met him in Charlotteville SC and watched as he founded Social Fresh conferences for businesses using new media.
  • Justin levy is a good friend as well and is now with Citrix online and I hope to meet Ellie Mirman sometime soon maybe at SXSW
Register for the webinar  and you won't be disappointed

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