Sunday, April 17, 2011

Local edges out Technology at the Washington Post as Rob Pegoraro logs off

I have been a loyal Washington Post reader for 14 years and Rob Pegoraro has been writing for 17 years. Today the Washington Post carried Rob Pegoraro's  last column and Rob Pegoraro 's Twitter feed now says "Ex-Washington Post" columnist.

To think at one time the Washington Post used to have a full technology section and I seem to remember a paper edition of WashTech. I also remember the Business section has been changing in the past few years.Kim Hart left for Politico and Mike Musgrove moved on. Nancy Trejos moved to the Travel Section and Dan Beyers is now at the new Capital Business.

As Rob Pegoraro writes :
The proximate cause is management deciding that the sort of review and analysis of technology that I’ve been doing for most of those 17 years is no longer part of the Post’s core mission. As I understand it, the paper places a high priority on covering Washington the city (as in, local news and sports) and Washington the story (politics), but other topics may not be assured of column inches or server space.
I still read the paper edition of the Washington Post.  As the Washington Post Outlook article (April 7th 2011) Five myths about the future of journalism" said "print circulation worldwide was up more than 5 percent in the past five years" and "so far, no one has really cracked the code for producing profitable local news online."

I am going to watch keenly to see where the new  direction takes the Washington Post to in the meantime my feedreader has a new URL to watch Good luck Rob but not good bye. Enjoyed your columns and look forward to reading more from you where ever you write.
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