Wednesday, May 25, 2011

BlogWorld Day 3 : Lots of choice and so little time : My recommendation for sessions 26th May #bweny

BlogWorld New York 2011 #bweny
No matter what time you go to bed be prepared to start your day early to catch the early flow of wisdom from the BlogWorld speakers. Here are my recommendations for tomorrow May 26th 2011. Disclaimer: It is very hard to make a decision specially in a conference that has such great content and speakers. This list is not a reflection of skills or knowledge and is just my personal choice

9 .am


2.30 p.m
3.45 p.m
And find time to visit the expo and come to the Network Solutions nsMobile lounge where you can get a free mobile website ( free for 3 months) and even get your picture taken in the @go_granny photobooth
gogranny david soinks
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