Thursday, May 26, 2011

#bweny Visit the expo and encourage the sponsors at Blog World

BlogWorld New York 2011 #bweny
By visiting the sponsor booths you are not only encouraging them to continue to support conferences like BlogWorld and also you are helping BlogWorld as well to expand and get better and better. The BlogWorld expo was a lot of fun. Just outside the expo hall is a the New Media Lounge where you can power up your devices and work.  Network Solutions ( company I work for) a BlogWorld Sponsor has some fun activities at the Expo :
  1. Get your picture taken with @Go_Granny ( Cloris Leachman character)  in fun poses and share with your Facebook friends. Check the fun visitors had today with the Network Solutions Go Granny photobooth
  2. Make your website appear on any mobile device – Ask how and even get the website builder free for 3 months.
  3. Give your business card for a chance to win an iPhone
  4. make sure you get the screen cleaner as well.
GO Granny shashi bellamkonda and Marsha Collier
Other fun activities at the Expo. Infolinks had a surprise that involved dancing and music ( Spoiler alert _ do not watch this video) The Yahoo booth is recruiting writers and you can score a style guide and a tshirt. MapQuest, Posterous, WordPress, Raven, Livefyre also have some great t-shirts. ExactTarget has cool swag. Please find my friend Dave Peck and instead of a business card he will give you good candy from Meshin. Rumor has it that LiveFyre had beer in their booth. Be sure to check out the Blog Dash booth and tell David Spinks that this blog sent you there ( Just for karma points as he is a good friend) > Complete list of BlogWorld New York Sponsors here
BlogWorld New York #bweny
Let me not forget that Mycroburst has ponchos as swag
BlogWorld New York #bweny
See more of my Blog World pictures here
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