Monday, May 23, 2011

Where to go to Avoid Listening to Me at Blog World Tomorrow #BWENY May 24th

image I am excited that I will be on my way to BlogWorld tomorrow  morning (May 24th 2011) with Lisa Byrne and over a dozen Network Solutions’ colleagues. We are traveling way before the roosters are up so that we arrive in time not to miss any session on the opening day. This post is a public service announcement[PSA] about things to do or places to go to when I take the stage at Jacob Javits Center 1A06 at 3.45 p.m on Tuesday May 24th.
  1. Thirsty for knowledge ? Here are the sessions I would attend if I was not speaking :
SXSW4Japan: A Case Study in Real Time, Iterative Development, Crisis Response, Crowd Sourcing and Social Good. I was there at SXSW to see this happen and also interviewed Leigh Durst and Deb NG in this Video Always a   good session when you see this happening real-time and I am sure there are inspirational takeaways here.
Mobile Marketing 101 for Small Business If not for my friend Navin Ganeshan you should attend to see John Jantsch talk about Small Business mobile marketing
The New About Me: Who Taught You How to Write Your Bio?. “bring your unique personality to the surface through more storytelling.” Wow! that’s some good stuff and Michael Margolis has a rocking story himself.
Rapid Fire Case Study Panel: Retail Organizations stars from Select Comfort, Hallmark,American Eagle discussing their experiences – Mom! i want to attend this too.
Thirsty for exploring and imbibing
Get your Smartphone out and go to powered by Network Solutions and dotMobi. “You have to eat, right? Well we’ve got plenty of great restaurants with fantastic discounts on the Top 10 Things to Do at BlogWorld mobile site” Read more at the BlogWorld Blog
If you are not going to heed my advice and still want to come to my session here is the link Feel the LOVE: Managing Online Reputation for your Business . My posse will be at the door looking for people carrying rotten tomatoes. Of course I have told them to instruct everyone to park their Klout scores outside the room.If you survive my session,  you can buy shares in me here ;)
Ok enough of the tongue in cheek ;) I am really happy that Network Solutions is a sponsor at BlogWorld and we are using the occasion to have a NSMobile Lounge. Visit us at Booth 109 on 25th and 26th. We are also sponsoring the Opening party Network Solutions brings Vino & Vaynerchuk, Vibrant Rioja (@RiojaWine) is providing a selection of fine wines from the Rioja region of Spain. details here
Hope to see you there. If you are encouraging us by tweeting please use the hashtag #nsmobile. If you decide to take the risk and come to my session my Twitter id is @shashib
Another reason to come to the Network Solutions lounge is to visit our Photo Booth starring Go Granny a character played by Cloris Leachman in a parody video . if you have not seen the video yet go to image.

Some cool places to Network while at BlogWorld



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