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Earthquake 5.8 magnitude in VA USA : What to do in case of an Earthquake

More details

Advice from Director of the U.S. Geological Survey, Marcia McNutt in the Washington Post :

“When something like this happen, everyone has to remember, more than half of the states in the U.S. are considered earthquake country. When something like this happens, remember what to do in the case of a seismic event. Duck, get under something sturdy like a desk or a doorway, get away from falling glass. Make sure that you are not in the way of falling objects like pictures, bookshelves, books, anything that’s not firmly connected the wall.”

Read the whole article in the Washington Post

Advice from  FEMA: What to Do After an Earthquake #earthquake

From Montgomery County:
Do not call 911 for information about the earthquake, only to report an emergency.

If you smell gas or suspect a gas leak:
Leave the area immediately and go to a location where you no longer smell gas, and report the leak by calling 911 (If Fire Rescue is not already on the scene).
In any event: Do Not:
 Light matches or smoke. Avoid use of all open flames.
 Try to locate the source of the gas leak.
 Use any electrical device, including cellular phone, I-pods etc.
 Turn light switches On and Off.
 Re-enter the building or return to the area until it has been declared safe to do so by Fire Rescue Personnel

This sounds very geeky but here is what I did as the tremors continued beyond a reasonable time :

1) Yelled EARTHQUAKE loudly to all my neighbors in the office

2) Luckily the tremors subsided so did not run out

3) Tweeted "EARTHQUAKE"!/shashib/status/106061208968380416

4) Checked the USGS website It was not reported yet as it was too early and so I reported it on their page

5) Checked Google and found the image above 5 minutes after the quake.


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