Saturday, September 03, 2011

PostSecret App Coming tomorrow: Share your secrets from your smartphone

A crowdsourced PostSecret app that makes it easy to share a secret ( of course secretly/ anonymously) is making an appearance this month. PostSecret is the world's largest Blogger blog and the  largest advertisement-free Blog in the world.publishes 20 secrets it receives from people all over the world every Sunday.

I met Frank Warren founder of PostSecret  a few years ago and admire his work in inspiring students on openness and communication. I am glad
From the press release :

The PostSecret App was crowd-sourced over a two-year period with the 80,000 member PostSecret community creating the guidelines to ensure that PostSecret App secrets be shared safely in a culture of openness and mutual respect.
The PostSecret community members also assisted in developing the International Suicide Prevention Wiki (ISP Wiki), the most
comprehensive and current listing of suicide prevention hotlines and “chat-lines” in the world. The (ISP Wiki) will be an important part of the PostSecret App and is available for free to any individual or organization to incorporate into other apps so users can always find help and hope near them.
The PostSecret App will be available for purchase from the iTunes App Store for $1.99 in September. For more information about the PostSecret app, please visit
See a preview / trailor about the PostSecret App.

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