Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Free Virtual Conference :Digital Marketing World: Social Media Marketing from @Marketingprofs

Register for FREE admission to Digital Marketing World: Social Media Marketing taking place on Dec 9th organized by Marketing Profs.

Among the speakers are Natalie Petouhoff, Matthew T. GrantKathy Herrmann and Jennifer Cisney

Sessions include:

  • Why Aren’t You Podcasting?—learn the business case for podcasting, why it belongs in your social media plans, and how to get started
  • Blast Through 3 Social ROI Myths That Can Hold You Back—learn what facets you can (and can’t) measure, and the real return you can expect from your social media program
  • MarketingProfs Classic: Seven Keys to a Successful Blog—learn how to build a blogging strategy, tie it in with other social media interactions, and measure results

More details and registration at Marketing Profs Event Page

Note: I am on the Program Advisory Committee for the forthcoming conference SocialTech 2012 - B2B Social Media Marketing Distilled that is taking place March 29th to 30th in Seattle WA. 

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Kinneth said...

Thanks for the suggestions everyone, but we used a server header checker as well as a browser and I'd have thought that would eliminate a problem with our machines wouldn't it?

It would have been better if we had used an online server header - but the problems's fixed now.

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