Thursday, November 24, 2011

Send Real Flowers to Friends and Family using Facebook

Real Flowers: Send flowers to your friends easily using Facebook during the Holidays

This Facebook app is very timely for Thanksgiving Day and also for the upcoming holiday season. Within a few clicks instead of sending a virtual piece of code that looks like a flower you can now send "RealFlowers" - the name in itself is a nice marketing play. As soon as I added the app to my Facebook page i got a list of friends who have birthdays this week . Choosing one of the friends would allow me to send flowers. You would need to know their physical address as well  and if you do not know their address you are probably a cheapskate and have not sent them any flowers before.If you want this to be a surprise there is an option for that as well
I found a good use for this as I suddenly remembered my wife's birthday is this week and I had not thought of a gift for her.  

The credit card process was seamless, I wish they would recognize the number and automatically slelct the card type ( Visa, Mastercard etc). The other surprise was the $12.95 service fee which I hoped would have been mentioned upfront. Bottomline if you are like the person in the TV ads who has forgotten the anniversary or birthday like me, here is a easy way to send flowers while pretending to be on Facebook so your near and dear do not know. It's probably one of convenience as well as  rumor is that half the Facebook population of 800 Million is on Facebook everyday, so it is another convenient  way for them to order gifts socially for their online and real friends  with Real Flowers.

Continue reading on my column at Timely Facebook App to send Real Flowers to friends and family using Facebook .

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