Sunday, February 05, 2012

Super Bowl XLVI : Facts and Figures : Who is the winner?

  • First  time the Super Bowl has been played in Indiana.
  •  Indianapolis is the northernmost city in the United States to host the Super Bowl since Detroit hosted Super Bowl XL in 2006. 

Super Bowl XLVI: Giants vs. Patriots

Giants : New York City 

New England Patriots :Boston


Population ( List of Most Populous Cities)
Rank 1.
The population of New York in 2010 was 8,175,133.
Rank 22.
 The population of Boston in 2010 was 617,594.
The Patriots actually play in suburban Foxborough, Mass., which had a 2010 Census population of 16,865.
Rank 12.
The population of Indianapolis in 2010 was 820,445.
Commute Time
38.7 minutes
28.4 minutes
22.2 minutes
Population holding bachelor's degree or higher
Residents who spoke a language other than English at home
Median household income 

Median home value




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