Thursday, December 13, 2012

Real-Time Treats : Take Action Immediately When Your Friends Share Good News

At a high level Treater solves several problems, specially with the holidays coming and a lot of us scrambling to make sure we thank all those who helped us be successful this year. I was on the phone with my friend Duncan Alney of Firebelly Marketing and challenged him to send a gift using Treater. Within minutes he was able to send a gift of a coffee to his friend and says it is really easy to use. Admittedly he was hesitant at first wondering if there were merchant partners that Treater had in all parts of the country. After receiving the treat of course his friend was wowed by this and said she was not surprised that Duncan had chosen a treat from Dunkin (get it ;) )

Following treater on Twitter or Facebook is also a treat with all kinds of fun stuff and contests.
"Our first contest winner, Julie, had such an amazing Treater story to share," says Kim Bryden . "To enter, you had to say why you deserved free coffee for a week. Julie won with an amazing response - she was getting married! Every day that week Julie sent us photos of her drinking her coffee and prepping for the big day. It's moments like these where we love to #SpreadTreatLove."
Kim Bryden works as the Treater's Social Media face to the world and takes a lot of delight in looking for how people are using Treater and ensuring a great experience.

Gift giving should be an easy process. I remember way back when I was still working for the hotel industry, fielding calls from relatives from out of town to mail them the restaurant gift cards and then they would send it to their local relatives who would use it.
Treater makes it easy, all you have to do is to be a Facebook friend and magic is in the air. Treater has both an Android and a IOS app and is looking to add more social networks.

“Magic is indeed in the air, Shashi” says Treater’s marketing head, Trish Tobin. “The number of serendipitous stories we’ve heard about Treats that connect people near and far warms our hearts. We’re looking forward to spreading more generosity and fun in 2013!”

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Martin Lindeskog said...

Shashi: How would compare and contrast Treater with Wrapp?

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