Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Thoughts on Facebook Graph Search

In the interest of supporting innovation here are some of my thoughts on Facebook's Graph Search :
1) Unlike the complicated query you need for search using + - " * ... that non-geeks may not be familiar with you can use natural language processing for your Graph Search. ( Luckily I have a college going Linguistics student. But then she likes Tumblr more than Facebook)
2) Today even if you have just the Dunbar number of friends (150) sorting is difficult. Graph Search makes that easy. You can look for friends who ski, eat and work with your favorite company. Maybe even who have already been to the Big Bend National Park like we did over the holidays.

Give it a chance and sign up at the link below for getting the Graph Search before they introduce it globally.For the people who live in the same city sample search that I did Jim Long,Jennifer Abernethy and Mark Drapeau came up first ......

( First posted on the DC Facebook Social Media Group page)

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