Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I Need a Room and Two Bananas

Banana art at the Starbucks Rio Gaithersburg

I am so happy that commercial companies have gone bananas. This favorite fruit of mine is so welcoming when seen at Starbucks like the picture above. Well if you are a banana fan there is no horrible feeling greater than arriving at the hotel and then remembering that you forgot the bananas. never mind that the nearest grocery store is miles away.

Anyway I think business who can cover for customers specially when they go bananas , I mean need bananas,need a shout out. Just like the Courtyard Marriott on Old Augustine Rd  Jacksonville FL. They raided the kitchen for me and they did not have to. I love the touch of going to the extra effort and not saying "Come back tomorrow and there will be bananas on the buffet. Marriott I salute you and the way to this guests heart is through the bananas.

Have you had any awesome experiences with business who went out of their way to make you happy?

OOps! Before I forget I am a very minor shareholder of Marriott and bought them for the same reason that i like using them.

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