Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Working From Home & Instant Noodles

Thai Curry Noodle Soup @ Noodles And Co Herndon

Working from home is a topic that has been in the news.  Top benefits of working from home.
For companies :
  • Using the time normally allotted to commute to get work done
  • Starting early and working late into the night 
  • More focus and less interruptions during the work day 
For Employees :
  • No commute
  • Being home to send-off kids, receive them
  • Working when the kids go to sleep
  • Easier for calls across multiple time zones
  • Being on the phone is not always the same as being in the room and you cannot understand the nuances of the conversation
  • You eat a lot more instant noodles as you realize that the time has gone so fast and your colleagues could not stop by your cube and invite you to lunch
  • You keep working till your spouse tells you to stop and it's already dinnertime
  • You miss the water cooler conversations
  • Unless you install a web cam and have people stop and tell you things you miss out on the "corridor conversations"
  • Out of the loop on gossip
What are your views on working from home?

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