Saturday, March 02, 2013

Learning Social Media with a difference, Social learning boot camp March 7-8,2013

Social Media has become a synonym for communication,Its two way nature has made information accessible, exchangeable and useful through social interactions. All businesses today expect one to use social media most effectively yielding incredible results .  
Are you in the same boat ? Do you belong to the area of Learning & Development, Talent Management, Technology-Enabled Learning, Leadership Development, Corporate University, Human Resources, Communications or IT? Are you a small to medium size business owner or someone who is really curious and wants to learn about social media? 

Then I'd suggest the Social learning boot camp is the place for you to be.They provide Practical learning, Concepts and tools that can be applied in real life scenarios. Case oriented teaching and clearing myths about social learning. Also I heard an early registration gets you an iPAD Mini. That's quiet an incentive !!!!This boot camp looks promising as it has a wide range of speakers and an interesting two day schedule.

The event will be conducted by Future Workplace and held this March 7-8, 2013 at the George Town University, Conference Center. For more details you can find them at


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