Saturday, August 30, 2014

Startup LinkRedirector has a very promising tool for marketing data geeks and the rest of thw world

I am very fascinated by LinkRedirector. It is a startup that lets you redirect a short url to a different destination based on some parameters that you can set.

Use Cases:

  1.  You want returning visitors to go to a different page than a new visitor. Maybe even a page that adds " Welcome Back" .
  2.  Use it to direct people who come from different operating systeme differently. Maybe iOS users can go directly to a app download page. 
    1. My test scenario
      1. If you are using iOS then you go to 
      2. Other users will come to this website.
      3. Comment here and let me know if you came from one of my test uRLS or click now
  3. Campaign Changes
    1. You could run a campaign and then once that is over change the URL and wont need a lot of web server help
  4. Good Analytics
    1. I have not used them yet but LinkRedirector has a capability to add Campaign Names, tags 
  5. Custom URLS
    1. Right now you use and then you can customize the subsequent url like I did.
    2. They may have plans for you to use your own url
  6. Freemium
    1. I am not clear about the pricing and it may have been in an email from LinkRedirector but they have a free and a premium model.
Early impression is very good. At the time of writing in 44 minutes i got 143 redirections when I shared the link  on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Check out LinkRedirector for sure

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