Sunday, January 04, 2015

Check List for traveling from India

Thought these few points will be useful if you are returning back from your trip to India.
1. Remember to carry a printed copy of your travel itinerary.  Without this you will not be allowed into the airport for check-in.  They do see Mobile boarding passes but I would advice carrying a printed copy.
2. Hand baggage  tags. While passing through airport security,  your hand baggage tags will be stamped.  At the gate a have to is done to see if the  carry-on baggage has a security seal.  If you don't have one,  you will have to go back to security.  An avoidable inconvenience.
3. No embarkation card for non-Indian citizens.  After check-in you had to fill out an embarkation card and that's not a requirement so you now save time.
4. Carry-on baggage.  Many airlines limit the weight of the carry-on baggage to 7 kgs (about 15 pounds). If they feel your carry-on luggage is heavy they may weigh your carry-on,

5. Separate lines for men and women at security.  If traveling together families can expect to go through security separately. Just don't be surprised.  I have seen kids choose to go either with  mom or dad.

Special note for OCI (overseas v citizen of India) card holders.  You must carry the  OCI card along with the passport having the  lifelong visa.  If the visa is in an expired passport,  you must carry the expired passport as well.
It is quite stress free to travel through most Indian airports.  Hope these points will help you.

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