Saturday, January 01, 2022

Acorn TV : When you have a fetish for Commonwealth TV shows

India was a commonwealth country, and when I was in India it never was something that affected my daily life. The time that I remotely came near to being part of the Commonwealth was the CHOGM (Commonwealth Heads of Government Meet) in 1983 where I was part of the hotel chain hosting the dignitaries. Fast forward, 41 years, my connection to the Commonwealth was surprisingly through recommendations from Twitter for TV programs to watch. I tested positive for Covid-19 and being vaccinated/boosted I self-quarantined not to spread the disease to anyone else. I was already on vacation and so had a lot of time on my hands. My friends on Twitter gave me these recommendations for Tv programs to watch:

The common factors in these recommendations are that many of them are from "Commonwealth" countries UK, Australia and New Zealand, India. And they are not available in one streaming service. The closest I came to seeing the recommendations in one place was Acorn TV

Well, I am trying the 7-day free trial. the $5.99/month doesn't seem too bad. That leads me to another pet peeve. In the 2000's we wanted to give up our cable (become "cord cutters" ) but fast forward a decade later we need cable because it is still the way to get internet. My internet costs me less if I have an Internet + Cable TV package. I have Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Sling TV for Indian Shows) Sling has dropped a few channels and Bollywood and Tollywood streaming services have also splintered themselves to Zee5, Disney Hotstar, Aha, Yupp TV. 

It's confusing. The fact is during normal times, I have a few hours a day to watch TV. My favorites are SEAL TEAM ( That has moved to Paramount +) and The Late Show With Stephen Colbert which is available on my cable TV. So after my #isocation is done my quest for binge-watching will be done.

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