Send a message to Fish phone


Still not sure which is more eco-savvy, farmed or wild salmon? Snd a txt msg.
The marine conservation group Blue Ocean Institute has launched a cell phone-based service to send you text messages with the information you need to make smart seafood choices.
Next time you¹re at the seafood counter or in a restaurant and can¹t recall whether farmed catfish is managed in an environmentally sustainable fashion, send a text message and within seconds you¹ll have the Institute¹s take on it.
The group also is launching FishPhone (, a Web site formatted for Web-enabled cell phones and PDAs.
To use the texting service, send a message to 30644. In the message, type FISH, followed by the name of the seafood in question, such as tuna. The service covers more than 90 species, and suggests alternatives to options that pose environmental concerns.
Aside from any standard text message fees by your cell phone service provider, the service is free.


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