Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Did you really think email is dead?

Marketers Say eMail Strongest Performing Media Buy

I just got an email Research Brief for Wednesday, January 30, 2008: which had some interesting facts that proves to me that email is not dead.

Datran Media recently released the results of its second annual survey of
over 2000 online marketing professionals, finding that 82 percent of the
marketers surveyed indicated that they plan to increase their use of email
marketing in 2008, and 55 percent of the respondents cite that they expect ROI
from email to be higher than any other channel. The reports says that the survey
results are consistent with the Direct Marketing Association's recent report,
which found that email ROI will hit $45.65 for every dollar spent in 2008, more
than twice the ROI of other mediums including search and display.
addition to increased use of email as a media and lead generation channel, the
Datran Media survey found:

  • 80 percent of respondents indicated email was the strongest performing media
    buy ahead of search and display.
  • Search is the favored channel for complementing the email channel.
  • More than 80 percent of marketers send targeted email campaigns.

Complete Details of the report

I also know that there is a organization that is a great resource for email marketers

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