Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Impromptu Free Conference Calls

A few weeks ago I started Tweeting my cell phone number as I drive home for an opportunity to use the time to chat with my Social Media friends. it wasn't a roaring sucess yet on the days I got caller the conversation was interesting. Topics-Help choose a blog platform, Social Media spheres and many other topics.

-Today inspired by the cell phone tweet @gotbob got a nice idea about using . is a free service to make conference calls. You pay only if you want to use a Toll Free number. You can set up conferences for up to 150 people and can have it be presentations, Q&A sessions.
I tried it an its so easy to setup . I took a 45 minute slot, setup the meeting online and then dialed the number. It has very few prompts and you can join the conf in 1 or 2 clicks and the voice quality is good. I tried it and it was awesome.
This service is used by the podcampDC team for the Thursday conference calls to keep the organizing team in touch with developments.
I plan to use this more for impromptu conferences and see how this service can be used by more people.

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