Saturday, February 16, 2008

Forbes : Presidential Candidates not courting America’s small-business owners and employees

I saw this in Rich KarlGraad's Column in the printed edition of Forbes this morning. it had a interesting ring to it because I had not read or heard the Small Business angle before. According to his Blog post / Column :

Small business employs half of working Americans. It creates 80% of the new jobs. Yet no candidate talks much about small business.

Reagan won the hearts and votes of small business.

Every Republican candidate in 2008 claims to be the true heir to Reagan. Oh yeah? If anyone is serious about claiming Reagan's mantle, he should court small business with more gusto.

What do you think? Is the small business vote up for grabs? Do you think a Republican, against the prevailing winds of 2008, could win the presidency by aggressively courting small business?

I am not adding any commentary to this since I posted this in my industry, technology blog. Please read the post and form your own conclusions

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