Sunday, February 10, 2008

OoVoo video calling - Multimedia conversations moving to Video

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I joined the video chat with Conniereece and SusanReyolds. Today (Feb10th is Susan Reynold's Birthday) .Oovoo facilitates a video chat using a webcam so people can converse while actually seeing each other. Its in beta so there is a certain learning experience involved in joining the chat. On its own Oovoo is a chat client that you can use with your webcam , its not different from Yahoo/ MS messenger. While its easy to open a chat for now the sync between signing up for a chat at and the Oovoo client is not fully integrated. There was some feedback echo while chatting. That being said it was a great experience to be able to chat on video. I saw people's cats and dogs and also got to show my spokesperson ( 2 yr old son !). As Oovoo gets more tested it will be nice if it had a Twitter integration where you can chat in Twitter and OOvoo simultaneously.

Of course over the weekend Utterz also added the ability to chat using video and you can even upload your own video. Seesmic is also great for video chats and I heard that during DEMO they introduced a road map with a lot of new features. I will review the new features in a forthcoming post.

In the screenshot pictured with me are the smart Twitterati Susan Reynolds, Connie Reece, Marina Martin , WhatsNextBlog and David Neff ( American Cancer Society). Donate the cost of a packet of Frozen peas as a donation to the Frozen peas fund

Yesterday I joined a conversation on Yahoo live with Technosailor (Aaron Brazell) Aaron entertained us with his guitar playing and it was wonderful that several of the video chat visitors joined in with their own instruments making it a virtual band. Yahoo has this service in beta and it seems to be pretty straight forward. Soudn quality here was better than oovoo.


There is a explosion of multimedia social networking sites. Darwin's theory of Survival of the fittest will come into play as the ultimate judge of success will be the number of users and the number of times the user uses the service.

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