Tuesday, February 12, 2008

How Small Business can use Social Media - Small Business Summit New York February 2008 -

I attended the Small Business Technology Summit on Feb 11th at New York. Network Solutions was one of the sponsors. I met a lot of interesting people here and will post them in a series. Here is the first of the series with Pamela O'Hara President of BatchBlue talking about how small business can leverage Social Media. She is also a blogger at http://blog.batchblue.com/ and Michelle Riggen-Ransom who is the Communications Director at BatchBlue and blogger on the BatchBlue Blog lets us know how BatchBlue has adopted the social media.

Their company Batch Blue makes tools for other Small Business. One of their products the BatchBook is a combination of a contacts management system; a communications management system; and a task management system.

I met Pamela and Michelle as we sat at the same table and they asked me if I was a "VIP" as I was sitting at a table versus the chairs :) . They have a great story of how they started the company but that's another post. We talked about Twitter and how people used Social Media and how other Small businesses can use Social Media.

Pamela has posted an excellent recap of the Small Business Summit on the BatchBlue Blog. I agree with her fav. takeaway from the keynote titled “Marketing in a Digital World” by Karen Quintos of Dell who said “fix the issue, tell the customer you fixed it and make sure the customer feels the fix.”

Small Business Technology Summit 2008

The Network Solutions Team at the Small Business Summit in New York pictured above.

Update : As I was browsing the BatchBlue blog I saw that they have  a post on Social Media for Small Business.

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