Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Small Business Tech Summit New York - ThinkXic.com

I met Paul Groncki at the Small Business Summit in New York on Feb 11th 2008 that in attended on behalf of Network Solutions. We sat at the same table and as we chatted he told me that he worked for ThinkXic.

 Small Business Technology Summit 2008

His firm helps companies with facilitation for meetings. Help companies  get productive results from meetings/brainstorming sessions. That would enable companies to adopt a disciplined, systematic approach to innovation and creativity and change the way they  perform. Paul has a impressive bio at the ThinkXic.com website.

Tim Hurson ( author of Think Better : An innovator's guide to productive thinking) one of the founders of ThinkXic will be speaking at the : Productive Thinking workshop on April 4th in NYC.

Network Solutions was one of the sponsors of the Summit and Harry Brooks my colleague and friend spoke about Search Engine Marketing for Small Businesses.

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