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93 Octane Live Blogs Guy Kawasaki Talk in Charlotte


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Lyell is a awesome guy, he started the initiative for a post event tweetup and also live blogged the Guy Kawasaki talk at the Network Solutions Small Business Networking event in Charlotte. On his Twitter profile Lyell describes himself as "DH, ebusiness consultant, metal-head, mba, dad, NOLA expat in CLT. (not in order of importance)"

Here is an extract from Lyell's Twitter Stream about the event

#guykawasaki - the key is the start and the end. Decide you want to MAKE MEANING, and don't let the BOZOS grind you down. 07:03 PM March 25, 2008

#guykawasaki no 11 - but he picked his family over $$$ YAY (applause) 06:57 PM March 25, 2008

#guykawasaki no 11 - bozosity conservatively lost Guy about $2 billion 06:57 PM March 25, 2008

#guykawasaki no 11 - omg guy is joking on the japanese-americen WWII internment camp racist issue!!!! ROFL 06:56 PM March 25, 2008

#guykawasaki no 11 - another bozo? guy turns down the opportunity to interview for the CEO position of Yahoo! 06:54 PM March 25, 2008

#guykawasaki no 11 - the other bozo is harder to spot. rich + famous usually = lucky <> smart. 06:52 PM March 25, 2008

#guykawasaki no 11 - 2 bozos: 1 = loser. don't listen to losers - they are easy to spot. 06:51 PM March 25, 2008

#guykawasaki no 11 - it's ok to start in the recession - but never a bad time to start a co. that you believe in. 06:50 PM March 25, 2008

#guykawasaki no 11 - don't let the BOZOS grind you down. eff the recession. eff the bubble. 06:50 PM March 25, 2008

#guykawasaki no 10 - the drowning business guy actually is doing well. 06:48 PM March 25, 2008

#guykawasaki no 10 - startup presentation - "Drowning" is a growing business. W. T. F. 06:47 PM March 25, 2008

#guykawasaki no 10: for the lazy: 10 slides, 20 minute preso, 30 pt type minimum (kill your powerpoint, before it kills you!) 06:46 PM March 25, 2008

#guykawasaki no 10 - 10/20/30 rule of pitching - read guy's blog for this one 06:42 PM March 25, 2008

#guykawasaki no 9 - ex. emergency beacon watch. fandango (i think). ice skating rink on Carnival ships (i think he meant royal caribbean) 06:41 PM March 25, 2008 from web Icon_star_full

#guykawasaki no 9 - niche yourself. ask me about the horse in the can. be in the high/right corner of the UNIQUE/VALUE 2x2 matrix 06:39 PM March 25, 2008

#guykawasaki no 8 - Churn baby Churn. be in denial to overcome negativism. Ship, turn off denial, then CHURN. (this is hard) 06:35 PM March 25, 2008

#guykawasaki Existence of God proved by continued existence of Apple 06:34 PM March 25, 2008

#guykawasaki a) take the money, b) ask ppl WHY they are buying the product. c) do not ask the target mkt why they are NOT buying the product 06:33 PM March 25, 2008

#guykawasaki no 7 - let 100 flowers blossom (Mao). allow the wrong users to use the product in the wrong way. 06:32 PM March 25, 2008

#guykawasaki no 6. Do not be afraid of POLARIZING people! better than everyone indifferent 06:31 PM March 25, 2008

#guykawasaki no 5. don't worry be crappy (classic) 06:29 PM March 25, 2008

#guykawasaki no 4. roll the dicees C - complete products are complete, E - Elegant (ipod click wheel), E - Generate Emotion (tivo) 06:29 PM March 25, 2008

#guykawasaki no 4. roll the dicees I - great products are Intelligent 06:27 PM March 25, 2008

#guykawasaki jumping curves <> adding 3 sizes to helvetica on the daisy wheel head 06:26 PM March 25, 2008

#guykawasaki jumping curves = daisy wheel printing to laser printing 06:25 PM March 25, 2008

#guykawasaki no. 3 innovation occurs when you JUMP curves 06:24 PM March 25, 2008

#guykawasaki create a mantra instead 3 to 4 words. Wendy's "Healthy Fast Food". Target "Democratized Design" ebay "democratized commerce" 06:23 PM March 25, 2008

#guykawasaki is NOT happy about typical executive retreats being held on golf courses to determine MISSION STATEMENTS 06:22 PM March 25, 2008

#guykawasaki lamaze instructor = executive coach 06:21 PM March 25, 2008

#guykawasaki no.2 attribute - boil down HOW you are going to change the world into 4 WORDS 06:20 PM March 25, 2008

#guykawasaki no.1 attribute of innovative small businesses - a desire to CHANGE THE WORLD - how are you going to MAKE MEANING 06:19 PM March 25, 2008


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