Sunday, March 30, 2008

Network Solutions Small Business Networking Event with Guy Kawasaki

imageOnce again my path crossed with Guy Kawasaki.   We met at Charlotte for the Small Business networking event Sponsored by Network Solutions. Once again it gave me an opportunity to meet some extremely smart people part of the Blogger/Twitter crowd in Charlotte.  The event was at the Sonoma Restaurant in Downtown Charlotte. 
We also had John Lassiter (Charlotte City Council) and Steve Partridge (Charlotte Chamber Of Commerce) join us for this event.

A very engaged crowd and asked a lot of questions to Guy. The  Charlotte Bloggers and Twitterati  did a great job covering the event and here are the links to their posts:

@rosebreezy  Social Carolina Blog , Brazen Careerist, Riveting Rosie

@budesigns For a creative Slide Show


@93octane who live blogged the event on Twitter and I extracted his Twitter Stream here


imageBefore the event had a great time talking to Laurie Smithwick @upsideup one of the founders of Sk* and took an interview of her and how Sk*rt was founded. I will post the interview soon on soon. Laurie  gave me good restaurant suggestions and she deserves thanks for making this trip very enjoyable with her great advice on restaurants in Charlotte and making me feel welcome.





 @capitalFellow is a environment friendly Twitterer. He commutes around on his Bike. We enjoyed chatting about our respective jobs. We spoke on how difficult it was for small businesses to have a easy storage/ backup solution. Scott is going to send me an article on this problem that small businesses face for and we will look for experts to give us the answers. I should also introduce him to my friend Jimmy Gardner @jjgardner3 as they think alike.


Other Twitterati who attended the event are Rosie  Reilman(@rosebeezy),  Joe (@pseudojoe), Justin (@jruckman),  Ben (@budesigns), Matt (@mtyndall), and Katie (@kdfrankl). if I have left out any other Twitterati from Charlotte, I apologise in advance . Please let me know in the comments so I can update the list.

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