Monday, March 03, 2008

Coffee with the CEO of Network Solutions Roy Dunbar

Network Solutions CEO Roy Dunbar and Shashi Bellamkonda - Social Media Swami

I took this photograph when I first met Roy Dunbar at a Employee meeting a few weeks ago. This was just a few days after Roy joined as CEO of Network Solutions . I wrote a post earlier on his joining Network Solutions and his background. He came to Network Solutions from Mastercad where he was the CIO. At our first meeting he was interested in taking about the Social Media andthe plan I had for the Network Solutions social media strategy and wanted to meet me. The meeting finally materialized today. I had mentioned coffee and I was amazed that Roy actually remembered that and we headed to the Star Bucks at the clock tower on Centerville Road in Herndon and chatted for 30 to 40 minutes.

He is a very likable person and a great listener. I am sure I cracked my share of PJs during our conversation :). He is very interested in reaching out to the community and I will be seeking the help of all of you for suggestions. We discussed my background, my ambitions, what I thought was right for the company.

I am driven by the sheer energy derived from talking to people. I came back from the meeting super charged with a lot of ideas floating in my thoughts.

Thanks Roy for having coffee with me.

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